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Picking and gathering system
Improved DT-12 almond picking system with conveyors on the shaking cart (also suitable for olive harvesters)


The set-up traveling on both sides of the tree: one machine shakes and one machine collects, cleans and stores the almonds (olives) until they are unloaded into a bucket/container that takes them out of the orchard.


The shaking cart that includes a shaking arm and head and conveyors that move the almonds (or olives) to the other side of the tree.

The innovation of this setup is the conveyors on the shaker that replace the inclined platform.

The problem with the slanted stage is that it has to be angled dark enough to go under the treescape

And on the other hand – has a sharp enough angle for the tonsils to roll down.

The conveyors are horizontal, enter the trunk at a low height, move to the other side during shaking, and there is no fall during the transition.


The conveyors make the DT-12 array the array with the lowest entry profile for wood.


On the other side of the tree is a cart with a sheet spread by two arms and placed at the foot of the tree and cut beyond it.

The fruit rolls from the shaker platforms to the sheet. The sheet is lifted and transfers the fruit to a conveyor belt and an elevator headed by a cleaning system based on brushes and an air blower.

The fruit, cleaned of branches and leaves, is concentrated in a collection tank of about 2.5 cubic meters.

When the tank is full, an intermediate tank arrives on top of a tractor and directs it to the ramsa tank located outside the plantation.