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Welcome to Dotan Enginering

About Us

Dotan Company was founded in 1976. The company is located in the southern industrial area of Migdal Haemek, and specializes in the development of planning and production in several areas: agricultural machinery and tools, transportation and transportation, drilling machines, various energy projects and construction of dedicated arrays and products on demand.



People and the place

The company has mechanical and electrical engineers, technicians, locksmiths and welders and machinists.

Having the team under one roof in addition to many years of experience, original thought and openness – allows, on the whole, to reach the goal quickly and efficiently

|Area of experties


areas of expertise


Agricultural tools and machines: Harvesting and harvesting machines for various branches of agriculture. – Extensive experience working with farmers.


Transport systems – tram, mover, special carts, tank reversal facilities, special conveyors.


Rock drilling machines (microfile) and earth drilling machines.


Design and construction of machines and facilities for production lines.


Systems for military use – assault bridges, bridging tanks, folding antennas and other projects.


Development and production of machines, production facilities and products for various companies

 On demand work flow

 The in charge of Planning and Engineering handles both the company's products and projects for customers for specific purposes. In working with the customer, an orderly process of planning, PDR, CDR, HG orders, construction and operation, final inspections, training and delivery to the customer is carried out.

 On-demand design


Maintenance and service

 Providing repair and maintenance service for all the company's products and machines and other products that require repairs in the company's areas of expertise:

 Transfer of tram and night facilities to new trucks.

 Repair of mechanical fractures, Solving hydraulic problems: Pipes, fittings, Cleaning and overhauling systems, Repair of pistons,

Renovation of various facilities

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