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date harvesting

Date harvesting

Picking and gathering system

date fiber array

A significant part of the costs of growing dates is invested in Gedid

Therefore, lowering the costs of the string greatly improves the profitability of the increase.

DT-9 is a shaking and collecting system mounted on a telescopic height tool and includes a shaking head and a receiving platform built from conveyors.

work process:

The operator brings the receiving platforms to a minimum height below the trays loaded with dates, and closes them towards each other for the stem to stick and seal.

At the same time, the head of the shaker is closed on the stem until it is tight.

The shaker is activated in a controlled manner so that dates can be removed selectively, or all of them.

After shaking a number of trees, the platform descends to an unloading position on the ground and the dates are unloaded by the conveyor     he cutting rate by the machine increased by hundreds of percent, and of course directly the manpower costs and the general cost.

In the video you can see the way of work, as well as the ability to selectively pick the ripe fruit that has turned brown, and leave the yellow fruit on the tree until the next round.