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The facility official to distribute at night in the barns.

The structure of the facility: a stainless steel box with a volume of about 40 cubic meters open from the top and a back wall made of two doors.

At the bottom of the box is a 2.5 meter wide conveyor belt, and adjacent to the back wall is a side unloading conveyor belt that can unload in both directions.

In the back of the box, right in front of the unloading conveyor, there are 2 shredders.


work process:

The batter is loaded into the facility at the food center through the open upper part of the box, by conveyors or by a scoop.

At the end of loading, two mesh doors close on the upper opening.

The driver receives a list of barns that he must visit and the weight that must be unloaded in each one.

In the barn, the system is activated: the truck travels at a slow speed along the feed, the lower main conveyor moves the stack backwards, the material is crumbled by the shredders and falls on the rear conveyor that pours the batter along the feed.

The shaker helps the process when the weighing system announces that the required quantity has been unloaded.

The entire process is monitored and documented at the level of the customer, the type of batter, weight, date and time of unloading.