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micropile driliing

The microfile is actually not a drill but a hammer that crushes the rock, crumbles it, and throws the chips of the crushed rock up to the ground.

The microfile is built on top of a dredger, while the turret,, the operator's cabin and part of the hydraulic system are original from the dredger manufacturer.

The system has 2 stabilization legs operated by pistons and two stabilization pistons.

The digger arm is cut and a column is welded to it, inside which a cart drives driven by a hydraulic piston and chains.

At the top of the cart is the hydraulic motor that rotates a drill rod, at the bottom of which is an air hammer that is hydraulically rotated.

When the drill rod is completely in the ground (about 11 meters), the motor at the top of the cart disconnects from it, and the cart rises to the top of the column.

A cartridge containing another drill rod goes between the motor and the drill rod that is in the ground, the motor connects to the drill rod and both connect to the lower rod. Now an additional 11 meters can be drilled