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A hydraulic lift has many advantages over underground tanks that are lifted by a crane:


Safety for citizens and workers.
not limited by trees and electric poles and other environmental conditions that indicate the crane's ability to function,
Keeping the facility environment clean,
Interfacing with the fleet of garbage trucks that exists in the authorities and with the contractors,
Durability and cleanliness of the facility over time.

A hydraulic platform suitable for 2 tanks with a volume of 1100 liters or 1700 liters.

In the pictures and videos you can see some of the principles of the system:


The lifting capacity of two tanks with a volume of 1700 liters.
Simple and quick docking of the containers on the stage.
Two-stage opening of the upper lid to create a space between it and the containers.
The gap is designed to release trash that may have remained in the upper shafts (not pictured here) into the containers and allow easy pulling out.
Operation is possible by connecting a hydraulic hose to the garbage truck or by a hydraulic-electric system with external control via a remote control, or operation from a manual control panel.