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סרטים 2021 מומלץ

Recommended Movies of 2021

  1. "ארץ נוודים" (Land of Nomads), "ליקריץ פיצה" (Licorice Pizza), and "כוחו של הכלב" (The Power of the Dog) were among the top films of 2021 according to Israel Hayom [1].
  2. "הבת האפלה" (The Lost Daughter), "רוכבי הצדק" (Riders of Justice), and "סיפור הפרברים" (Suburbia Story) are highlighted in the list of best films by Timeout [2].
  3. "15 סרטים חדשים שאסור לכם לפספס השנה" (15 New Movies You Must Not Miss This Year) is a curated list, including recent recommendations [3].
  4. "ואו אמריקה" (Wow America) is highlighted as a must-watch film in 2021 according to Timeout [4].
  5. "עשרת הגדולים" (The Top Ten): 2021's notable films mentioned in Maariv's year-end roundup [5].
  6. A diverse selection of the "הסרטים הטובים ביותר של השנה" (Best Movies of the Year) from various global regions is discussed in detail at srita.net [6].

These films encompass a wide range of genres and styles, offering a rich cinematic experience for audiences in 2021.

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